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March 5, 2011, Pat H from Abilene, Texas, spoke to addicts including alcoholics, compulsive overeaters, anorexics, bulimics, and participants in other addictions — from newcomers to long-term 12-step adherents. The following are the audio and graphic files from that workshop. You are free to play them by clicking on each link. You may download these files to your computer by right clicking on the link. If these tapes and materials are helpful to you, please donate an appropriate amount to your own 12-Step group – and if you don’t have one, please find one.

The workshop sponsoring agency has posted the materials in this way for, while they are good recovery materials, deviations from a strict reading of the traditions occur in these materials – various treatment centers and materials not approved by the group in which these participants find recovery. For that reason, they’re published anonymously in this way. The files will remain here, and you may pass a link to this page to your friends.


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The following materials were used by Pat and may be mentioned in the tapes. These are large graphic files. If your computer downloads one and immediately makes it small enough to fit on the screen, you should be able to zoom out to see the whole picture in a size that can be read. If not, download the file and see if you can read it that way. If all else fails, print the file.
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