Friday, August 29, 2014 – First Fifth Friday Big Country Intergroup Meeting

Speaker: Wanda S (Apologies from your semi-techie. I did not begin taping until well into what Wanda said, thinking she was introducing Kitt M rather than sharing her story. And the quality of both these tapes is not what I would have it be.)

Kitt-posterSpeaker: Kitt M (While your semi-techie  is apologizing for the quality of the recordings, the omission, and, incidentally, the inordinate delay in getting them on the website, she also says she’s got the documents Kitt talked about somewhere in this work area, and when they show up again, they’ll be posted here. And speaking of apologies, your semi-techie didn’t take a very clear photo, either.)

Stay the Course

1) Nurture the highest thoughts possible.
2) Cultivate the feeling tone of the outcome.
3) Take action consistent with the desired outcome.
4) Remain aware that praying is always activating transformation & is most often

A) gradual,
B) Sequential, &
C) Inevitable,

provided I stay the course.

I am guided & supported in every way to greater experiences of life.


Friday, October 31, 2014 – Fifth Friday Big Country Intergroup Meeting
Guest Speaker: Vicki W from Nephi, Utah.

Tapes need to be played together. Part 1:

Part 2:


Saturday, November 1, 2014 – Big Country Intergroup Abstinence Workshop

Guest Speaker: Vicki W from Nephi, Utah

The handouts mentioned in the tapes:


Tape 1 of 8

Notes taken by Scribes Sharon and Lynne
Sharon Lynne
Jacqueline Sharon

Tape 2 of 8 (At the end of Tape 2 Vicki asks that Abstinence-1 and Abstinence-2 be distributed.)

Tape 3 of 8 (Sharing on Abstinence-2)

Tape 4 of 8 (Abstinence-3 distributed. This tape begins with an answer to a question not recorded.)

Tape 5 of 8 (Abstinence-4 distributed.)

Tape 6 of 8

Tape 7 of 8

Tape 8 of 8


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