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We Did It!

OA Big Country hosted region 3 for the Spring, 2016, Convention and Assembly. Those of us closely involved can tell you lots of things that went wrong…but many as well that went far better than we had any right to expect. This is your opportunity. Most of our posts are without a comment box, but this one has one. And we REALLY WANT you to use it. But to preserve anonymity, you’ll need a username. You can use anything you want. Some people can use their email description…for instance if your user name matched an email address of broomstick, we’d be pretty sure who you are! But if your email address gives away your last name, please make a username of first name, last initial or something else we’ll recognize. But if you want to be anonymous from us, as well, go creative.

In the comment form, after you create your identity, please tell us what you liked, what you learned, and what you’d suggest for other planning committees.

Again, we are grateful to you for making this work!

Now, use this link to register, then until the 20th of May, you can comment. The first comment is monitored for not-us users, then you can discuss at will. The link: