Change in the Air

The Abilene Tuesday evening group has moved to Exodus Metropolitan Community Church, 1933 S 27th Street. It has established a policy of meeting no matter what the weather may do.

The Abilene Wednesday morning meeting, as announced in the previous post, is meeting at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church on Vogel and will not meet when AISD cancels classes because of the weather.

Other groups are invited to establish weather rules and let the webmaster know so those can be posted on the website.

Also, Abilene is putting together a city-wide list of members with the purpose of making that available to newcomers who may want to reach out beyond the group they have attended for sponsors, for telephone contacts, etc. That list will be prepared for any of the OA Big Country locations that want to do so, and you may use this Abilene OA Contacts (blank) (making appropriate changes for the town name.) Again, email the webmaster for help with this.